Anthony Crayton


Anthony Crayton was born on September 20, 1958 and is the second oldest of three brothers of the late Almeta Crayton. Anthony grew up on the south side of St. Louis, MO with his family. He and Almeta were always close growing up as they were the closest in age and the two middle children of the four siblings. Anthony graduated from McKinley Classical Leadership Academy (McKinley High School) in St. Louis and later attended Central Texas University where he studied Broadcasting and Communications.

In November of 1980, Anthony enlisted in the United States Navy and was deployed shortly thereafter to Active Duty. Anthony was stationed at Pearl Harbor in Oahu, Hawaii where he served as Petty Officer 2nd Class. Anthony was an Interior Communications Electrician (IC2) as well as a Surface Warfare Specialist (SW). His primary duty was to monitor and maintain all aspects of communication on board a naval vessel to ensure that orders could be received by all, emergency alert systems were functioning properly, and crucial information was being sent and received efficiently. Anthony served 20 years in Military service before his honorable discharge in 2000.

Following his release from the Navy, Anthony retired and returned home to St. Louis. He later settled down with his partner in life and in love, Olivia Walker. Anthony and Olivia currently reside in their south St. Louis home. Anthony has one Son, Marc Bruce, and a daughter Ky'Ra Walker.

Upon receiving word of his sister's passing in 2013, Anthony immediately knew that there was going to be work that needed to be done with Everybody Eats and that someone was going to have to pick up where Almeta left off. He was approached by Kentrell Minton, Founder of ACCP, and presented with the opportunity to continue Almeta's work. Since its incorporation in 2013, Anthony holds an honorary position on ACCP's Board of Directors. From that point, Anthony took the mantle of the Crayton family and has diligently helped to ensure that his sister's legacy will live on for future generations in Columbia, MO.


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