DeeDee Jackson

Community Outreach Coordinator

Deedee Jackson was born and raised on the south side of St. Louis, MO.  Growing up, she experienced the struggles of poverty first hand. Deedee moved to Columbia in 1993 at the age of 12 years old. She graduated from Fredrick Douglas High School and later attended Columbia College. Afterward, Deedee began working for Alternative Community Training where she taught professional life skills and on the job training to adults with developmental disabilities.

After completing 120 hours of Neighborworks Training, Deedee is a certified Community Engagement Specialist. This program focuses on the involvement of people and the processes that increase the human capacity of neighborhoods to improve the quality of life for the individuals who live and work within them. Deedee has worked with multiple organizations coordinating educational events, bringing awareness, fundraising, and securing contributions to help those in need in our community.

Deedee met Almeta in 2001 when she went to her home to get a Thanksgiving basket for her family. She began to reminisce about her childhood in St. Louis and the two found common experiences in growing up in the same neighborhood. From that day on Deedee became a faithful volunteer and began helping with Everybody Eats. She is a 15 year veteran of community outreach in the Columbia area and has dedicated much of her adult life to giving back to the community that took care of her when she, herself needed it most.

Of all of her accomplishments, Deedee notes that her greatest achievement is raising two beautiful children, who are also Columbia residents.


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